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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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s.w.a.t. team surrounded a trailer parked on the street, a mobile command post was set up. overfelt and other nearby schools were on lockdown. elizabeth serna's aunt was baby-sitting her 1-year-old on the same block. >> they said there's a man from the jail break, possibly could be him and i freaked out and i left work right away. >> reporter: the sheriff's officers say deputies were following up on tips from the public, most of them received after the announcement of a $20,000 reward. >> we actually conducted numerous operations throughout the county, targeting various high-value targets, associates of mr. chavez. >> reporter: after an hour and a half s.w.a.t. was ready to move in. first they smashed windows with a poker and then they stuck a camera inside the trarl. a short while later a deputy yelled out a warning and then they set off a flash bang t.turned out no one was in the trailer. the sheriff's office declined to say if rohelio chavez had been
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the target here, but they did confirm that this person arrested yesterday at a raid at the days inn in gilroy is emily vaca. she's charged with helping chavez by driving him around after he escaped from jail. he apparently fled the motel just before police surrounded it. vic lee, aches 7 news. now to breaking news in north oakland. a police chase that ended with a crash and people injured at 54th and adeline streets. abc 7 nuts reporter cornell ber snard live at the scene with for. cornell? >> reporter: yeah, that pursuit ended right behind me, 54th and adeline street after police say the driver of a stolen green honda possibly used in an armed robbery in oakland slammed into this car, a black sedan driven bay woman and by some miracle she was not injured. now, police say it began when the green honda was spotted by officers blocks from here.
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the driver did not pull over for officers. a basketweave chase happened through north oakland and that's when the collision brought this chase to an end. >> a basketweave foot pursuit ensued of three individuals who were occupants of that stolen vehicle. those three occupants were eventually detained. >> reporter: sky 7 was over the crash scene. all three are teenage boys and they all suffered moderate injuries. they will survive. police don't know if any of those detainees took part in armed robberies that happened in oakland involving that stolen car. investigators in other east bay cities are also looking to see if the same car was used in armed robberies in their towns. we're live in oakland. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. a seven-hour standoff in union city just ended peacefully after two people surrendered to
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police. it happened at a home on railroad avenue amp woman claiming she was held hostage. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is there live with the story tonight. melanie? >> reporter: well, this all began with a call to 911 around 8:20 this morning, but police say when they arrived the woman who made that call did not want to cooperate r.dozens of union city police officers along with s.w.a.t. teams from fremont and newark surrounded a home on railroad avenue for approximately seven hours today after a woman called 911. >> she advised she had been held hostage by her ex-boyfriend for the last two days and was very uncooperative with police upon contact. >> police say she wouldn't tell them his fame, just that he was alone in the home with a gun. around 2:00 p.m. union city police discovered he wasn't alone. this man came outside and surrendered. >> he's not the subject that w are looking for. again, we did not know that he was inside of the residence. he called us to tell us that he was coming out. >> reporter: shortly after the
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woman was taken to the hospital by ambulance police say for a medical issue she was having. a little more than an hour later the man barricaded inside the home surrendered. he was also taken into custody for questioning. >> fairly confident that the suspect that came out is the guy that we were looking for. >> reporter: police say they have more questions for everyone involved, including the woman who says she was held hostage in union city, melanie woodrow, aches 7 news. a man pled not guilty this afternoon to felony charges of killing, making and abuse animals in san francisco's golden gate park. prosecutors say this couple jasmine marshall and kelvin johnson trained at least two dogs to hunt and kill theirious animals. police believe they even boasted by posting pictures of dead animals on social media. animal care and control is looking for a third dog now connected with killing raccoons, coyotes, rabbits and an eget in the park. a murder suspect had a gun in each hand and his finger on the trigger when san jose police
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shot and killed him. that's according to a report released today by the district attorney's office where prosecutors say they will not pursue charges against sergeant justin morrow. the police sniper shot and killed lionel acevedo last year. acevedo was killed after he shot at police outside a home where investigators believe he kidnapped and killed a woman. a major traffic artery has reopened in the north bay after drivers facedy is lays for several hours. a dump truck overturned and spilled tons of dirt on to eastbound highway 12 in solano county just before 11:30 this morning now national, block jameson county rare linking napa county and fairfield. heavy equipment helped remove the mess. the highway patrols a blown-out stir what caused the mishap. abc 7 news was in san francisco's bay view district after a water main sprang a link today. it the burst around 10:30 this
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morning and water department crews patched the leak two hours later. now more on keeping the raiders in oakland. the city council is poised to taking a next step to building a new stadium. a closed-door meeting that voters hope will open up a new path to keeping the raiders in town. >> a lot of crossed fingers there tonight. >> reporter: hi, dan. well, we are still waiting for most of the city council members to come out of here but one just left this meeting and gave us as thumbs up when asked with b whether this raiders stadium deal may move forward. regardless, this is a critical day for the city and its efforts to try to keep raiders right here in oakland. at 2:30 this afternoon mayor libby schaaf and memberves city council went into closed session to discuss a proposal, a term shot from half famer ronnie lott and his investment group called
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fortress. the key element is the coliseum land owned jointly by the city and the county. we understand a key requirement of many of these city council members is that this deal does not cost the city any public money. >> i certainly hope that at least five of the council in closed session will give directions to the city administrator to continue to move forward. >> hopefully out of today share with the supervisors and vote on it and move it out and let them negotiate with davis and the nfl. >> reporter: and, again, a key requirement is that no public money be used for this deal. now, again, with this meeting just breaking up as we speak. you can see some of the council members coming out. they are not allowed to talk about what happened in closed session and we got at least a thumbs up from one of the council members that it appears that this deal, the proposal as least will go back to the full
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city council. think next meeting is september for december 13th. we'll be here an bring you any more developments as we get them. laura apt anything, abc 7 news. meantime, a big win for the golden state wariors. the state court of appeals uphelped a lower court ruling that said that there is no merit to plaintiffs' objections of the city's environmental analysis and its approval of the project. people against the project complained about traffic and access to ucsf mission bay hospitals which is also right there. the warriors hope to break ground on the mission bay arena next year and open in 2019. rick welsch issued a statement saying it opens the door for us to bring a new state of the art entertainment and sports arena and bring it back home to san francisco. the redding mother kidnapped while jogging and her husband reveals more information about
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the abduction, including the fact she was branded. >> and what may next be the next cyber threat. >> sometimes your hospital can make you stick. it's a big problem. 7 on your side's michael finney tells you how to avoid some of risks posed to patients.
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the fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage took center stage at 20 airports across the country, including oakland and san francisco. organizers say airports have a lot of jobs that don't pay people enough to live on. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is live at sfo tonight with the story. lyanne. >> reporter: you know, this is really has been a steady movement that started in 2012. now, four years later that $15 number has been a benchmark for some major cities affecting millions of americans.
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it's hard to ignore hundreds of people marching through any busy airport demanding better wages. tourists took pictures while security focused on keeping protesters confined to a few open areas. today's march centered on getting every city in the country to adopt a $15 an hour minimum wage. airports rely on service workers, many of them employed by fast food restaurants. allen shep saturday a custodian working at the sacramento airport. >> even though our logo says service workers, are we not servants, and that's what we feel we're being treated at. everybody here lives bloat poverty wage. >> reporter: joining her were other service employees like alejandra who walked out of her job in mcdiagnosis, a single mom who earns $12 an hour and after paying the rent there's little
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left. >> i have to pay 600 and i only get 100 or 150 for two weeks and nobody can survive that. >> reporter: mejia was also at an early morning march where protesters blocked the intersection of 98th avenue and international boulevard in east oakland. some are set to bring the minimum wage up to $15 an hour and in california by 2022. >> we need to do that all across country and even $15 in a city like san francisco is not sufficient given the cost housing. >> reporter: even a small increase will make a significant difference in their lives. at sfo, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. statewide minimum wage is $10 an house, the same in san jose. right now san francisco pays $13 and hour. in january oakland will raise its minimum wage slightly to $12.86. and an apple store in marin county is on high alert after a burglary on black friday.
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three security guards now monitor the entrance to the store. police tell abc 7 news on friday afternoon several people walked into the business and grabbed iphones and mac books offer the display tables and just ran out of store. no weapons were used and no one was injured. police are not saying how much merchandise was taken but it's valued at nearly $4,000. for the first time we are hearing today from the husband of sherri papini, the mother from redding who went missing for three weeks before being discovered thanksgiving day. the husband's revolutions are an abc 7 news exclusive. >> sherri papini's husband opened up and told about the reunion. my first sight was my wife in a hospital bed and her face kofrz in bruises ranging from yellow to black because of repeated
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beegts and the bridge of her nose broke efnl sherri was found bound on the side of a california highway according to her husband with a chain around her waist and wrists. she used a bag that was over her head to wave down help. she was frail and 87 pounds with her signature long blond air chopped a statement keith thanked the community and police for all their help and squashed rumors surrounding the strange case, expressing contempt for folks waiting for, quote, gory details of the case. he went on to say, quote, i understand people want the story, pictures, proof that this was not some sort of hoax, plan to gain money or fabricated race war. i do not see a purpose in addressing each preposterous lie. mean while once missing mom two thanked the mayor of her hometown for the community's support. >> overjoyed. just that she was able to talk and give thanks and sherri, of course, was tearful on the phone
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and even talking about it now i'm getting tearful >> reporter: search continues now for the captors who sherri describes as two hispanic women armed and dangerous in a dark-colored suv. keith papini says it was ultimately his wife's will to live that brought her home. jessica castro, abc 7 news. and you can read keith papini's full statement on our website download the abc 7 news app for updates on the story and enable push alerts for break news sent to you any time. you know, we count on hospital, of course, to make us well, but they can also be a breeding ground for serious infections. >> don't like to think about that. 7 on your side's michael finney is here with more. >> not all medical centers are the same. that's what we're learning from the new report. new hospital ratings show hospitals do a much better job of preventing some types of infections than other hospitals. "consumer reports" has as central advice to help you survive a hospital stay. the numbers are shocking.
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650,000 patients develop an infection in the hospital and 75,000 die according to the most recent data from the cdc. >> germs concentrate in hospitals and can easily be spread this. cdif and mrsa are very difficult to treat. >> reporter: kelly knows how serious c. difficile can be. >> when i got home, one of the surgical nurses said we had a couple other people and a couple were died. we were concerned you were going to. >> reporter: which hospital you go to can make a difference. "consumer reports" new hospital ratings show some hospitals do a much better job of preventing some types of infections than others. >> so we've been looking at the status since 2009 and see how some hospitals were able to prevent infections so we know it's possible. >> reporter: cleanliness key and patients can also take steps to keep themselves safe. >> ask everyone who enters the room to watch their hands with
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soap and water. >> reporter: ask you if you can postpone surgery if you have any type of infection. a being weakened immune system increases your chance of a new infection andive vs and catheters can also lead to infection and ask dale fethey are still needed and try to have your friend or family member be your advocate especially at night and on weekends. "consumer reports" hospital ratings are available for free and you can check them out at ratings. go to our website and you can get all the "consumer reports" 15 tips for preventing infections and staying safe in the hospital. >> really important. >> it is. >> thanks, michael, very much. leaders of the state's three public higher education systems sent a joint letter to president-elect donald trump urging him to support undocumented student. university of california's president, cal state chance
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already. here's a look at the letter. it says in part the students represent some of the best our nation has to offer. president-elect has officially nominated former san francisco banker elaine chao to be his transportation secretary. chao ran the labor department under president george w. bush and was deputy secretary of transportation under bush's father. before entering politics chao was vice president for syndications at bank of america in san francisco. a warning for a local park visitors, the east bay regional park district says poisonous mushrooms are sprouting in the bay area after recent rapes. two of the world's most toxic mushrooms are in our region. they are the death cap and the western destroying angel mushrooms. their toxins can cause liver and kidney failure in humans.
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>> hi, there, let's take a look at live. high surf advisory has been extended until 6:00 p.m. waves now to 15 feet and could see breakers up to 19. watch out for sneaker waves and strong rip currents. a look from the santa cruz currents and do be care full the there. temperatures in the low toe mid-50s and the coolest spot is gel roy at 52 degrees. you can feel it out there. a beautiful view as we look towards ocean beach. 50 in faire field and 49 already and nothing but clear skies. and we're look at -- so where do we stand? >> so the recent rain we had over the week yent as well, 118%
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of normal until san jose and 119 and we do wring in the -- i would call this a borderline light storm for tomorrow. hit and miss showers and basically less than .03 of an inch. breezy at the coastline. here's the hour-by-hour time line. tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. just cloud cover and then at 7:00 a.m., really spotty. you see an isolated shower there as well and 12:00 p.m. as well. >> the and at 5:00 p.m. you're evening commute could be impacted by wet roadways which is why we have the one on the storm impact school and showers will be wipeding down. in terms of totals don't expect much. anything from nothing measurable to maybe 307b9 1 of an inch. some of this may turn out to be drizzle or a light shower.
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tomorrow morning it will be a chilly one. upper 30s to upper 40s and fog out towards the central valley and for the afternoon we're looking at temperatures in the mid 50s, extra cloud cover it will be cooler. you -- here's the accuweather seven-day income. a -- storm impact scale. some remain wet, some remain dry. temperatures near aenchlg, low to mid-60s and going to keep it dry. monday and tuesday, cold conditions in the morning and really cooler in the afternoon in only the 50s and one model wants to bring in a slight chance of showers on monday. we'll see what happens. >> in a pretty good pattern so far this rainy season. >> unlike the last several years
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so we've been doing good. >> enjoy the warm days and then get ready for winter. scientists get a tantalizing preview. what to expect when mars' newest satellite goes to work next. pacman is back. the classic arcade game reappears on facebook, part of social network's expansion of its messaging app. we'll e
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. bay area-based mcafee labs is out with its cyber security predictions. high on the list drone attacks. criminals are foreseen to target drones, grounding them or stealing the equipment or packages they are carrying and even using them to carry out hactivist asglaks it can use drones look for unsecured networks, unsecured devices and create the type. attack that we saw a few weeks ago that targeted dine and took
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down spotify and twitter. >> the report predicts 14 security developments for next year. among them a continued increase in hackers breaking into mobile devices allowing them to access bank accounts and credit cards. attackers will copy new trends by advertisers to boost their mal ware capabilities. the report also predicts increased cooperation between law enforcement and industry that will put a dent in cyber crime. >> let's go a long, long way away. mars is looking very impressive in a series of just released images. europe's newest satellite sent back its first images of the red planet. scientists were just stunned by the images which was taken as a guest of the trace gas orbiter and it's opened that hoped that it will be able to
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create all right. the big reveal. coming up next, the white house reveals the gift of the holidays and sonny and bo are a big part of the festivities. >> we want to thank abc 7 news vancouver elaine for this beautiful instagram picture of five beach at big sur. >> share your pictures on social media using the
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stand back, ya hear! breakout the syrup because denny's new fluffier, tastier, better rudolph pancakes are here for the holidays.
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i'm ama daetz. coming up on "abc 1 news at 6:00, the search for what caused three people to die following a thanksgiving day feast in the east bay. we'll have details from a news conference that wrapped up just a short time ago. also, it's a great lesson tore everyone. 7 on your side shows how had a quick-thinking couple fought
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back against hackers. and move over black friday and cyber monday, today is giving tuesday. an earth to help nonprofit groups. that's all coming up at 7:00. the first lady got emotional during the official kickoff to the obama's final holiday season at the white house. >> and also welcomed some special guests, the families of u.s. service members joined michelle obama for an early view of this year's presidential holiday decorations. >> of course, the family's dogs bo and sun were part of the festivity in reeling life as giant replicas, there they are, preparing for the holidays began six months ago with input from mrs. on mah, along with a team of designers who come up with ideas for every woman. >> something so festive and wonderful. >> i met bo. >> real? >> i got to go meet bo. >> i bet bo meets you fondly as well. >> never calls, doesn't write. >> oh, darn it. "world news" with david muir is
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up next. i'm kristen sze. >> rand tonight, breaking news. the state of emergency right now. several major fires out of control in tennessee. thousands of families and tourists racing to escape. this hotel engulfed in flames. even dolly parton's dollywood in the path. some cabins catching fire. also breaking, the deadly plane crash. what we have just learned. what happened just before the crash. and the team onboard, the video of them celebrating before the fateful flight. and the six found outside the plane, alive. the attack at ohio state. the student on a rampage with a butcher's knife. what's now been discovered tonight. donald trump about to go to dinner at this hour with mitt romney and his wife. will romney get the job as secretary of state over rudy giuliani? and cameras in the court. the stunning moment. the officer who shot walter scott in south carolina.


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